Packaging and Shipping


You are so special to us,at Shop with Shanti Inc.we use high quality packing products,that are tear and water resistant!


Once your order received,we will notify you the processing time.In some cases product can be out of stock or still be in the process of weaving,we will notify that right away.Then you can request for refund or wait until to finish the weaving work or request us to weave a fresh saree!

Approximate Processing time:
The time I need to prepare an order for shipping varies:
Gadwal silk sarees: 3 to 5 business days
Kanchipuram silk sarees:3 to 5 business days
Kerala hand painted sarees:14 business days
Kuppadam silk Sarees:3 to 5 business days
Linen  sarees Plain: 5 to 10  business days
Pochampally Silk sarees:3 to 5 Business days
Tussar Silk sarees plain : 5 to 10 business days
Tussar Munga silk sarees Plain:5 to 10 business days
Uppada Silk sarees : 3 to 5 business days

Linen Digital printed sarees:10 to 15 business days

Linen Embroidered Sarees:15 business days

Bishnupuri Silk sarees Hand painted:15 Business days

Tussar Silk Block printed sarees:15 business days

Saree with Madhubani Paintings:15 business days

If out of stock: 20 business days to weave a new Kanchipuram saree

Estimated shipping times:
Worldwide: 5 to 7 business days!!