About Us

The journey of Shop With Shanti Inc.started in the year 2017 with the opening of a small boutique in Calgary, Canada with a small collection of handwoven silk sarees from Kanchipuram, Uppada, Kuppadam, Mangalagiri, Kuthampully, Varanasi and Maheshwar. It was a huge hit among the customers and we launched our online store in the same year to showcase our products globally. Now we have a hand full of satisfied customers in Australia,Canada,Europe,India and USA. Early this year we have stepped in to customized stitching service as well with the partnership of three well-known tailoring unit in Thrissur, Vizag and Delhi.Also,we have opened an office in Vizag, India to look after the stitching work,packaging and shipping.
What make Shop With Shanti Inc. different from others:
  • Fresh handwoven products using natural dyes and premium quality silk threads
  • Our excellent 24/7 customer service, fast response to your inquiries
  • For a reasonable price we offer worldwide shipment delivery with in 5 to 7 business days.
Here at Shop with Shanti Inc.we tried to showcase all those special products from highly skilled artisans of India. Our aim is to bring high quality Indian handwoven clothes across the globe so that our traditions, values and beautiful colors reach beyond borders. Bringing the finest material to give you comfort and durability, we want people to cherish your presence by your clothes. Whether your daily wear or special occasions, we want you to choose us and trust our products and services. Therefore, our online store consists of reasonable clothing deals and promotions at affordable rates and easy process with on-time delivery. Our user-friendly online store is easy to use and allows you to see and choose from multiple designs, colors and size. Our effective customer service is 24/7 available to take your orders and respond to your queries.

Happy Shopping!!